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(M= Musik / T= Text / S= Satz, Arrangement)

Fahr einfach mit der Maus über die Buchstaben.
Beim Klick auf die farbig hervorgehobenen Lieder öffnet sich eine deutsche Übersetzung.
Alle Texte unterliegen dem Copyrightschutz.


Abide with me (T.W. Aas)
All because of Jesus (T. Aas)
Allelujah – We praise God (M/T: M. Stillwater)
Alpha and Omega (M/T: trad. / S: H. Jost)
Amazing Grace
Amen (J. Hairston)
Angels from the realms of glory (H. Smart)
Angels watching over me (M/T: trad. / S: W. Richter)
Angels we have heard on high
Asante Sana Yesu (trad.)
A star is shining tonight (T: E. Skeie / M/S: T.Aas)
At the cross (M: R.E. Hudson / S: H. Jost)
Aufrecht stehn (M: B. Engel / T: C. Lang)

Battle hymn of the republic (J. W. Howe)
Behold the star (M/T: trad. / S: N. Williams)
Be strong an courageous (M: R. Worthy, V. Dymel / T: R. Worthy)
Bin überreich beschenkt (M: D.Falk / T: A. Malessa)
Blessed be His name (M: H. Jost / T: R. Wilson)
Bless the Lord (T. Aas)
Bridge over troubled water (M/T: P. Simon / S: T.W. Aas)

Carols go ’round
Celebrate (T: C. Bridges / M/S: T. Aas)
Child in the manger
Come back to the rock (H. Gäbler)
Come by here/Rock my soul (M/T: trad. / S: B. Engel)
Come into his presence (M/T: R. Wilson / S: H. Jost)
Come, let us sing (T. Aas)

Deeper than (H. C. Jochimsen)
Deep river of love (M: H. Jost / T: R.Wilson)
Deine Liebe (M: T. Aas / T: J.Groth)
Dein Kind (M/T: S. Mohr / S: T. Wagler)
Donna nobis pacem
Du umgibst mich (M: M. Svensson, H. Raask / S: H. Fossum)

Father (T. Aas)
Footprints in the sand (M/T: P. Magnusson)
For the beauty of the earth (J. Rutter)

Gaudeamus hodie (M/T: trad. / S: R. Butz)
Gimme dat ol’ time religion
Give glory to god
Give us peace (M: M. Alfsen)
Glad to be in the service (M/T: trad. / S: T. Aas)
Glory to God almighty (M/T: T.Aas/C. Bridges / S: T. Aas)
Glory to God in the highest (M. Cole)
Go down, Moses
God gave me a song (T. Aas)
God’s gift to mankind (C. Nunn)
God will bless you (M/T: J. Dierks)
Good news
Gospelmedley 1&2 (div.)
Got me some angels (M/T: A. Crouch / S: T. Aas)

I bow down (H.C. Jochimsen)
I call on your name (T. Aas)
If you come to Him (E. Hawkins)
I’m gonna wait on the Lord (C. Eggleton)
Immanuel (T/M: M. Schäfer / S: H. Gäbler)
Immer mehr (L. Kosse)
In Christ alone (M/T: S. Towned / S: H.J. Eißler)
In the sanctuary (K. Carr)
In your arms (M/S: T. Aas / T: C. Bridges)
It is well with my soul (M: P. Bliss/T: H. Spafford/S: H. Jost)
I will bless the Lord (M: F. Hernandez / S: K. Heizmann)
I will follow Him (M: J. Stole / T: J. Plante)

Jesus be a fence
Joshua fought the battle (M: L. Kosse / T: trad. / S: E. Rink)
Joy to the world (G. Händel)
Joy to the world (M/T: trad. / S: T. Aas)
Just couldn`t be contented

Keep me from falling down (B. Engel)
Kumbayah, my Lord (S: K. Wolf)
Kyrie (T. Aas)

Laudate omnes gentes (M/S: J. Berthier)
Lead me, guide me (T/M: D. Akers)
Lean on me (S: C. Adarkwah)
Let me fly (H.C. Jochimsen)
Let us break bread together (trad.)
Let us stand (H.C. Jochimsen)
Licht der Welt (M/T: A. Frey, L. Kosse / S: L. Kosse)
Lift up the name of Jesus (T. Aas)
Look at the world (J. Rutter)
Lord hold me (H.C. Jochimsen)
Lord reign in me (M/T: B. Brwon / S: J. Rankin)
Loved (H.C. Jochimsen)
Love is a fire (M/T: S. Lorenz / S: E. Rink u.a.)

Majesty (S: S. Heupel)
Make a joyful noise (C. & P. Branch)
May the Lord send angels (M/S: H. Jost / T: R. Wilson)
Morning has broken
Irischer Segen (Möge die Straße)
My life (M/T: L. Klingvall / S: J. Rieger)
My Lord is coming back (M/T: E. Hawkins / S: J. Nitsch)
My promise (J. Arenius)

Neue Perspektiven (M: J. Rieger / T: L. Gassmann)
Now (J. Arenius)

O freedom (S: G. Moos)
O happy day (E. Hawkins)
One Boy (
On the cross of Calvary (M/T/S: T. Aas)

Peace shall be with you (M/T: R. Wilson / S: H. Jost)
Precious Lord, take my hand (T.A. Dorsey)

Reaching out (C. Gauntt, F. Sitzmann)
Ring Christmas bells (M. Leontovich)

Salz sein (M: M. Schütz / T: C. Zehendner / S: J. Rieger)
Schrille/Stille Nacht (M: F. Gruber, T: G. Schöne, S: U. Kaiser)
Shine, Jesus, shine (S: C. Adarkwah)
Shine your light (M: T. Aas / T: J. Groth / S: B. Engel)
Sing and shout (D. & T. Thomas)
Siyahamba (T/M: trad. / S: W.O. Deutsch)
Somebody’s knocking (S: H. Schröder)
Soon and very soon (T: A. Crouch)
Standing in the need of prayer (S: G. Arch)
Such an awesome God (T. Aas)
Swing low

Take me back
The First Nowell (traditional)
The light of the world
There is glory in my soul
There is joy (C. Nunn)
There is power (B. Engel)
The way I care (M/T: L. Kosse / S: E. Rink)
This little light of mine (2 verschiedene Sätze)
Total praise (R. Smallwood)
True Colours (T/M: B.Steinberg/T. Kelly / Arr: A. Müller)
Trusting in you (M/T: D. Plett / S: J. Rieger)

Unbedingt begegnen (M: M. Staiger / T: C. Zehendner / S: E. Rink)

Vater unser (M: A. Hoffmann / S: J. Rieger)

We are changing the world (H.C. Jochimsen)
We believe (M/T: L. Kosse / S: E. Rink)
We can move Mountains (H.C. Jochimsen)
Welcome into this place (O. Jaurez)
We lift up our hearts (M. Cole)
We lift your names up high (D. Thomas)
We shall overcome
When the saints
When the stars begin to fall (H. Jost)
Wie ein sanftes Sausen (C. Schnarr)
Worthy of all praise (T. Aas)

You are (H.C. Jochimsen)
You are good (I. Houghton)
You are my all in all (M/T: D. Jernigan / S: J. Rankin)
You are the light (T.W. Aas)
You are the light of the world (M/T: T.W. Aas / S: J. Kabilka)
Your love (M: T. Aas / T: J. Groth)